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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

- Claude Bernard -


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  • Awards, Scholarships & Fellowships  Elected Member: Guha Research Conference 2022

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  • RiceSzWtBase: This serve as repository for all the sequenced reads and analysed polymorphism dataset of grain size contrast four Indian genotypes (LGR, PB 1121, Sonasal & Bindli). Also, contains SNP dataset (LDR) for comparative analysis across 3004 rice accessions.


  • Thakur JK, Dahiya P and Bhat DS (2012) Recombinant microorganisms and uses thereof. [Provisional Indian Patent Application No. 3699/DEL/2012]

Book Edited

  • Gene and Protein Engineering; Biotechnology Volume 5. Guest Editor Jitendra K. Thakur. Studium Press LLC, USA.

Book Chapters

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